Milwaukee Downtown, Business Improvement District #21 (BID #21), Historic Third Ward Business Improvement District #2 (BID #2), Downtown Neighbors Association (DNA) are leading a unique partnership with other aligning organizations to continue enhancing the competitive advantages of the greater downtown and the City of Milwaukee as a whole. Our goal is to provide a community asset and a much-needed amenity for the growing cohort of dog owners, while promoting livability, and enhancing key gateways into downtown Milwaukee.

This new public space will be managed by the BID consortium, while being open to the public like any of the other Milwaukee County dog park facilities. It will offer a new vibrant, inclusive community gathering space after transforming this currently underutilized place. 

Addressing a Community Need

Reimagining public spaces and enhancing their uses for the entire community, even those with four legs, is an ongoing goal for the partnering organizations.

As downtown Milwaukee’s residential population continues to grow and more workplaces and hotels become pet friendly, our goal is to provide a much-needed amenity. The dog park will increase urban livability and will be a key gateway that will connect downtown neighborhoods, transforming an underutilized parcel into a vibrant and inclusive community gathering space.

Building a More Competitive City

The downtown dog park addresses an issue where Milwaukee is outperformed by its peers. This much-needed community amenity will enhance quality of life and make downtown and the City of Milwaukee more attractive and livable.

Inclusive Community Connections

Not only will the project and the new RiverWalk connection be open to the public, it will also offer countless opportunities to engage in partnerships and events with non-profits, community groups and other pet-focused organizations in ways that will further build community.