Dogs of Downtown: Barley

Meet Barley,

Barley is a nine-year-old Lab Husky mix. He grew up in Alabama, before moving to Milwaukee with his family last year. Milwaukee quickly became home to Barley since he, not only loves the cold, but as his name suggests, loves hanging out at bars and breweries. Laidback Barley has been a “bar dog” since he was 8 weeks old and feels more comfortable in a bar crowd of 300 hundred people than in a car.

Favorite toy: Barley loves playing with all of his toys, but especially stuffed animals. His mom refers to them as his “little guys.”

Favorite patio: Riley’s Social House. Barley loves playing with all of the dogs there.

Favorite treat: Barley will happily eat anything- dog or human food. He especially loves cheese.

Favorite spot downtown: Anywhere by the water, river or lake. Barley is a good swimmer, too!

To keep up with the adventures of Barley, follow @barleythebigbrowndog6 on Instagram.



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