Meet Bender, the official rink dog of the Milwaukee Admirals. Bender was rescued from HAWS – Waukesha in February of 2020. The name Bender is actually a hockey term. Players whose ankles bend while they are skating are often called benders. The name was selected after the Milwaukee Admirals requested the public’s help in naming the new pup.

Bender’s favorite thing about Milwaukee is all the opportunities to explore the city! He enjoys the Riverwalk and all of the small trails throughout the city.

Favorite Toy: Any type of rope toy so that he can play tug of war. He also carries around a stuffed triceratops.

Favorite Patio/Hangout: Tiki Bar at St. Paul Fish Company

Favorite Spot Downtown: The UW Panther Arena, of course!

Keep up with Bender and his adventures on Instagram: @benderthehockeypup