Meet, Brewer, the beloved dog of the Kooyenga Family. Dale Kooyenga is the Incoming President of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area Chamber of Commerce (MMAC) and Brewer is our latest Dogs of Downtown featured spotlight!

Brewer was born at a small iconic farm, Wilson Creek Kennels, in the beautiful Spring Green, WI. Brewer is a Golden Doodle named after his favorite baseball team.


Brewer’s favorite toy: His stuff toy, Lamby and of course, tennis balls.

Brewer’s favorite treat: We always make a couple more scrambled eggs than necessary to be sure we have some to share. Also, if you’re eating an Apple or Pear, Brewer is at the ready to take care of the core!

Brewer’s favorite aspect about the Milwaukee area: Brewer loves snow. The first snow of the year is Brewer’s happiest day. You can catch him running, sliding, and biting at the snow. He’s never at risk of moving to Florida.

Brewer’s favorite downtown hangout: One time Dad had to drop one of the kids off at Milwaukee Academy of Sciences for a basketball practice before headed to a Bucks game for work. After parking at the Bucks game, Dad was beyond surprised to see a smiling dog in the backseat. Brewer didn’t get to go to the Bucks game, but was pleased to hang out at the MMAC offices during the game.

What is Brewer most excited about with downtown’s first dog park? Like all Kooyenga’s he is a social creature and can’t wait to meet some new friends at downtown’s first dog park, which will be only a few blocks from the MMAC offices at The Avenue.