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Gardner Builders is a hospitality company in the commercial construction business.  We’re a general contractor focused on delivering projects – both simple and complex – in a way that gives you complete confidence and has you rest assured that you are in excellent hands.

Why is it important for Gardner Builders to join as a sponsor of downtown’s first dog park?

We believe in the city, and we’re invested in this community. The Milwaukee Dog Park is right in Gardner’s backyard. What better way to bring people together and improve our cityscape than creating a unique, fresh park for man’s best friend and their owners.

What is Gardner Builders most looking forward to when the dog park opens?

Gardner Builders has an open-door dog policy. There are four legged friends constantly coming and going from our space. The Milwaukee Dog Park will be the perfect place for a quick exercise when the dogs (or the Gardner Team) need to stretch their legs!

gardner builders

What Gardner Builders enjoy most about Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is a community that constantly rallies towards positive change and supports growth. The city is filled with a vibrant, diverse cultural scene – festivals, sporting events and art galleries that leave us with plenty to explore. We are a welcoming community, small enough to be filled with friendly faces, but large enough to attract curious tourists from around the country. And, if that’s all not a strong enough reason – you can’t throw a stone without hitting a brewery around town!

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gardner builders