Meet Cash and Gatsby in our next Dogs of Downtown feature!

 Cash is a purebred American Cocker Spaniel from the Humane Society. When his owner went to adopt, she intended to get a cat! However, a small dog who resembled a mop caught her attention and she became a dog lover immediately in that moment. Cash is now at the young age of 14. He enjoys contemplating the complexities of life and is often found sitting in fresh grass facing a cool breeze.

Gatsby knows he is great. He had just been rescued and transferred from Mexico to a rescue located outside of Chicago, Border Tails, when his owner found him. He was both American Cocker Spaniel and Shar-pei, a designer breed known as a Cocker-Pei. He is full of personality, sass and will guard those he loves to no end.

What are Cash’s and Gatsby’s favorite toys?
Cash’s favorite toy is the Lamb Chop, or Lamby! He is also quite fond of tennis balls and will happily collect them on the court for you while you play the game.

Gatsby prefers his toy to be his brother, Cash. He just recently learned how to play with toys and will happily present you with one when greeted.

What are Cash’s and Gatsby’s favorite treats?
Cash loves all treats. He adores meats… anything but carrots.

Gatsby is very fond of his pork chomp bones. Due to his allergies, he’s limited to most treats.

What are Cash’s and Gatsby’s favorite aspects about Milwaukee or favorite Downtown-area businesses, patios or other locations?
Cash loves everything about Downtown and loves to meet new friends! He frequents beer gardens and all dog-friendly establishments. In his younger years, he used to accompany his owner to her office every Friday. He has since retired.

Gatsby enjoys exercising and exploring parks and beer gardens as well. If you ever find him at Riley’s, we are thankful they have a red and yellow tag option while accepting dogs who are still in training.

Why are Cash and Gatsby excited for Downtown’s first off-leash dog park?
This is a fantastic opportunity to bring Downtown together as a community. Especially for Cash and other senior dogs, this first off-leash dog park allows them to still have fun at their own energy level. He is very much looking forward to meeting other senior furry friends.

Gatsby, is looking forward to the day he will be trained and conditioned enough for this amazing off-leash opportunity. He has made successful steps towards off-leash training. The Milwaukee Dog Park offers wonderful green space within a city to help socialize dogs as a whole.