DOGS OF DOWNTOWN: Murphy & Archie

murphy - mke dog park

Meet Murphy and Archie in our next Dogs of Downtown feature! Archie was adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society in November of 2021 after being rescued along with more than 90 other dogs from a puppy mill in Iowa. With so much media about the dogs being rescued, literally hundreds of people showed up to adopt them – luckily, his owners were number 12 in line that day and were able to take home their sweet boy Archie. The Humane Society estimated he was about six months at the time and believe he’s some type of mini-poodle mix. Murphy is a Sheepadoodle from Dubuque, IA. Murphy is a Christmas baby and will turn one this year.

What are Murphy and Archie’s favorite toys? Murphy is obsessed with any type of ball (to the point his owners can’t say the "b” word without one showing up in your lap) and loves playing tug of war. He can’t wait to run around chasing tennis balls with his dad at the new dog park!

What are Murphy and Archie’s favorite treats? They love pig’s ears, bully sticks and frozen Greek yogurt in a kong!

What is Murphy and Archie's favorite thing about Milwaukee? Archie and Murphy love checking out free summer events like the Riverwalk Commons concert series.

What is Murphy and Archie’s favorite downtown area businesses, patio, or other location? Both of them love checking out breweries with their parents – especially the patios at Mob Craft and Urban Harvest, which are walking distance from home.

Why are Murphy and Archie excited for downtown’s first off-leash dog park? They currently spend their free time at Rover West – so the new downtown dog park will be so much more convenient and create an opportunity for them to make new friends.

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