Dogs of Downtown: Ruby

Meet Ruby

She is a very high energy 3-year-old Australian shepherd mix. Ruby is an excellent listener and when she finally tires out from playing, she loves cuddling with her humans.


Favorite toy: Sticks. She loves playing fetch, but once you stop throwing the stick for her, then she enjoys chewing on the stick.

Favorite patio: St. Paul Fish Company- they love dogs and give Ruby salmon to snack on. She also loves hanging out at Nomad.

Favorite treat: Bacon. She isn’t a fan of regular dog treats, but loves bacon.

Favorite spot downtown: Veterans Park has a grassy area that Ruby loves playing at, Bradford Beach and the trails off of Lincoln Memorial Drive.




The MKE Dog park is a dynamic 12,000-square-foot space that will transform the west bank of the Milwaukee River on N. Plankinton Avenue and W. Clybourn Street into Downtown Milwaukee’s first public dog park and revitalize this important neighborhood gateway. Learn more about the project at and in the latest version of the MKE BluePrint here. Don’t forget to follow us at @MKEDogPark.