SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Community Bark Bay View

Since 2012, Community Bark Bay View has offered dog washing (both self-wash and full-service wash), professional grooming, and select retail sales (treats, leashes, toys, etc.). Locally owned, Community Bark Bay View has arguably the largest facility of its kind in the city, with five tubs for washing, five separate blow-drying stations, as well as professional grooming areas. They offer a very unique and personalized experience for clients and their dogs that can't be found elsewhere. Their SelfBark service in particular is unique, in that clients who wish to wash their own dog have access to large tubs, high-quality shampoos and conditioners, and separate blow-drying stations. The best part is they get to leave the mess behind!

Why did Community Bark Bay View join as a sponsor of Downtown Milwaukee’s first dog?
It’s very important to us that we support the areas we serve as much as possible, and offering a facility for dog owners to get their pups clean after fun at the dog park is a natural fit for us. We are all dog lovers and owners ourselves, so we know how valuable it can be to have a nearby place where dogs can be safely and expertly washed and groomed.

Also, more and more people are realizing the amazing benefits of dog ownership. If nothing else, COVID helped that come to light; not only for the companionship dogs provide, but for the health benefits and social interaction (like dog parks!) they can induce. Dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, bars, hotels, etc., are all happening downtown and everywhere because dogs make life better, and businesses like mine realize that, and are here to provide the care your dogs need to live long, happy lives with those they love the most!

What is Community Bark Bay View most looking forward to when Downtown's dog park opens?
We are really looking forward to meeting new clients from the area, as well as reinforcing the already established relationships we have with dog owners we already work with. It’s critical to me as the owner for our customers to not only see what we’re all about at a first visit, but that we develop long-term relationships. We love dogs, and what’s a better fit than partnering with a dog park?

What do you enjoy most about Downtown Milwaukee?
We love the vibrancy of Downtown, and it’s virtual rebirth over the last few years, with new housing, restaurants, nightlife, etc. I worked for a large corporation in the Downtown area for quite some time, when it was still an area with huge potential, but it pretty much shut down in the evening. To see it evolve and grow has been very exciting. Plus, it’s only about 15 minutes away from most suburbs, making it an easy destination for all, to the arts, entertainment and dining.

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