Meet Atlas, a 13-month-old Bernadoodle. He is the perfect combination, since his owners, Bobby grew up with Bernese Mountain Dogs and Marni grew up with a Standard Poodle. Atlas is also the mascot for Bobby’s Tech Company, Atlas World Sports. He’s as sweet and energetic as they come!

What is Atlas’s favorite toy?
Atlas’s favorite toy only lasts a few days, as he quickly can tear apart anything and everything! We have white fluff all over the house! He also thinks Marni’s shoes and books are toys…bad Atlas!

What is Atlas’s favorite treat?
He LOVES peanut butter! We will put it inside bones or any flavored treats, but peanut butter is his jam! He has a favorite peanut butter called Spread The Love Foods.

What is Atlas’s favorite aspect about Milwaukee?
For only being in Milwaukee for 11 months, Atlas loves to explore this city! He’s got walking trails by the house and loves to walk along Lake Michigan. He also loves his neighborhood and gets to see his friends on the regular.

Does Atlas have a favorite downtown area businesses, patio, or other location?
Riley’s is always a go-to for Atlas. He loves it there whether it’s rain or shine! He’s been exploring some of the Beer Gardens lately since the weather has been great!

Why is Atlas excited for downtown’s first off-leash dog park?
Friends! He loves meeting new puppies and dogs, and he plays perfectly with all! This is exactly what Atlas (and we) need! 

Keep up with Atlas’s adventures around Milwaukee and soon at the Downtown dog park on Instagram at @atlas_world_pup!