At Off Leash K9, we want to help your dog flourish as a member of your family pack! Dogs put a lot of love and trust in us as their owners. We are their providers. We give them food, shelter, offer guidance and protection. We try to give them the best life we can! We give them a home, and they give us unwavering commitment and loyalty in return! Our dogs are family! They are part of our packs, and our mission is to help you have the successful relationship with your dog that you’ve always wanted!

We believe in D.O.G.S.! Discipline, Ownership, Generosity and Service are the core values that guide our training and it’s the reason why we’re able to help so many different types of dogs that have so many different types of behaviors. Big dogs and small dogs. Puppies and Seniors. Dogs that just need some guidance or dogs that are one bite away from being in serious trouble. We also believe in equipping owners to be confident leaders to their dogs, because that’s where long term success is found!

Off Leash K9 joined as a sponsor of downtown Milwaukee’s first dog park for multiple reasons.
In order to help as many dogs as we can, we need to be out in our community with the dogs! Paws on the ground if you will! What better way to do that, than helping bring to life Downtown Milwaukee’s first off leash dog park. We want to take part in making this park a fun, and safe, experience for all dogs. Most importantly, we want to give back to our community and the people that make up its firm foundation!

What is Off Leash K9 most looking forward to when downtown's dog park opens?
Meeting all the different dogs and hanging out in a wonderful location! I can’t wait to come downtown on a summer night and hang out by the River with my dog and have some fun together at the park! Once the brewery and boat slip open up, it’s going to be Downtown’s go to Doggy Destination!! We really look forward to meeting you and your dog at the park!

If you feel like your dog needs some training, or you need some training before taking on the dog park, Off Leash K9 would love to help!

What do you enjoy most about Downtown Milwaukee?
The festivals! Absolutely love experiencing Milwaukee’s culture with our dogs, through its festivals. Not only do we get to have a little fun, but we get to train around all kinds of distractions, which helps the dogs get more confident in unique environments!

We also love taking our training dogs around the city on heel walks! We’ll take the Riverwalk up to the Bronz Fonz or Fiserv Forum, then hike back down to the Third Ward and hang out by the Public Market or Catalano Square!

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