Dogs of Downtown: Lumpia

Meet Lumpia

She is a three-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. Lumpia was adopted at one-year-old, so her parents had to do a DNA test to find out what breed she is. She had one leg that never fully formed, which is referred to as her “lucky fin,” as a reference to Finding Nemo. Lumpia’s lucky fin doesn’t stop her from being an active dog, who loves playing dogs and humans alike.


Favorite toy: Sticks. Lumpia will pick up and carry sticks larger than her and get stuck in the doorway, trying to bring them inside after her walks.

Favorite patio: Riley’s Social House.

Favorite treat: Bacon. She will eat anything, but goes wild for bacon, even though her parents try to avoid feeding it to her. Lumpia remembers which Third Ward businesses give out dog treats. If the businesses aren’t open yet, Lumpia will be happy waiting outside for the doors to open, so she can get her treat.

Favorite spot downtown: Catalano Square. They also frequent dog parks, like the Granville Dog Park, and cannot wait to have a downtown dog park right in their back yard.





The MKE Dog park is a dynamic 12,000-square-foot space that will transform the west bank of the Milwaukee River on N. Plankinton Avenue and W. Clybourn Street into Downtown Milwaukee’s first public dog park and revitalize this important neighborhood gateway. Learn more about the project at and in the latest version of the MKE BluePrint here. Don’t forget to follow us at @MKEDogPark.