Dogs of Downtown: Max

Meet Max

This one-year-old German Shepard is a Third Ward pup. He loves going to doggie daycare twice a week, so he can play with other dogs. Max is very laidback and not too outdoorsy at all- it can be tough to get him to go on walks or outside in the heat.

Favorite toy: Tennis balls. He's working on the concept of returning the ball while playing fetch!

Favorite patio: Public Market.

Favorite treat: Any type of dog biscuit.

Favorite spot Downtown: Catalano Square.



The MKE Dog park is a dynamic 12,000-square-foot space that will transform the west bank of the Milwaukee River on N. Plankinton Avenue and W. Clybourn Street into Downtown Milwaukee’s first public dog park and revitalize this important neighborhood gateway. Learn more about the project at and in the latest version of the MKE BluePrint here. Don’t forget to follow us at @MKEDogPark.